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An entertainment experience that your guests will remember!




The Satellite Guy, Inc. is your local DirecTV Hospitality TV provider for the Lodging & Institution segment of your business.


Now you can have movies and shows, exclusive sports packages like the NFL Sunday ticket, and a TV service that is simple for the end-user that your guests will come accustomed to rather quickly.


We now have the DRE or DirecTV Residential Experience that allows you to get over 100 channels of HD programming plus DirecTV Cinema, with a premium entertainment library of the latest movies that your guest will enjoy watching, when they want to watch them, and on the best screen available!


One of the more important aspects is now that DirecTV Cinema is available, it delivers better, faster on-demand entertainment and reduces your streaming costs to your hotel as it resides on a local server within your property, minimizing the streaming that your guests currently use with an on-site video caching server. Your buffering issues have now disappeared also!


Our system's are completely scalable and cost-effective and can include the DirecTV Cinema with On Demand now. Don't settle for cable, DirecTV is available nationwide!


As you know, the average visitor to Hawaii spends the majority of their time outdoors. With that being said, when it is time to rest for the night, they want to enjoy the television channels that they are accustomed to from wherever they have traveled from.


We can offer them the news, sports and other channels that they see nationally,  and we are the exclusive carriers for such sports as the NFL and can also offer international programming such as:


Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese spoken), currently 13 channels

Spanish, currently over 50 channels

Filipino, currently 11 channels

Korean, currently 13 channels

Russian, currently 5 channels

Vietnamese, currently eight channels

and many others.












Our sports are unparalleled in the nation. Every room would have the NFL Sunday ticket. That means every guest can watch their game at any time that it is being broadcast whether in the room or we can provide it to your restaurant or bar in your lobby areas.

Please email us or call us for more information about a channel or specific language that you are looking for and we typically can get it.

Available Packages


Get over 55 channels.




The most popular package, featuring 95+ channels.




The most premium package with 160+ channels.




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